Krav Maga Seminars

You can have the seminars at a location of your choice from the clubs we have, or in Israel.

The nature of Seminars that you can exercise are:

  1. full day – of intense Krav Maga training.
  2. 2 days – a weekend of intense Krav Maga training.

On this form of Seminars the emphesis is on:

  1. Technical development of Krav Maga. (in accordance to personal level & expirience)
  2. Improvment of tactiacl & technical Krav Maga high level method.
  3. Development of high level technical & tactical Kick attacks & Arm Attacks.
  1. Weapons skill development training.
  2. Ground training.
  3. Coordination Development & body move.
  4. Agrression development & pressure training.