Krav Maga Instructor course

The Krav Maga instructore course is taking place in Tel Aviv at the sport Acadamy College.

The Acadamy is aproved by the Israeli ministry of culture and sport.

Conditions to apply:

  1. 3 years minimum training expirience with KRAV MAGA.
  2. A club or federation certificate of training.
  3. A state of non criminal past.
  4. Above 18.
  5. Good health.


Please fill in the form at the bottom of this page to apply.

After we will receive your contact details, we will review your application and will notice you if you are aproved or denied.

If you will be aproved, than you will need to send registraion fee of 200$




After we will receive your payment, you will receive in return a certificate of addmision with a date and Sylabus.